A Multi-Instrumentalist, Based in Cornwall.

Colin Seddon is a multi-instrumentalist, based in Cornwall.

His music draws on the ruggedness of Cornwall and his urban roots in Manchester as well as more than 30 years as a percussionist, specialising in Brazilian and Cuban music.

He is currently exploring elements of sound design, both solo and in collaboration with other artists, building on the foundations of many years of experience working in a wide variety of genres and contexts including theatre, dance, carnival, soundscape, samba, rumba, jazz and EDM, to mention just a few.

He has an MA in Innovation in Sound in which he explored new ways for composers to collaborate with each other, in the creation of an continuously-expanding web of interlinked sounds.

Colin has performed at:

Rio Carnival, Glastonbury Festival, Houston International Festival, London – Barbican Theatre, London – National Theatre, Amsterdam – Melkweg, Manchester – Hacienda, Manchester – The Factory, Tours of Brazil, USA, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales…

Colin has performed with:

808 State, Biting Tongues, Inner Sense, Kneehigh Theatre, Wild Works Theatre, Vayu Naidu, Wake the River, Peoples String Foundation, Matt (Vinyl) Ward

Percussion, Drums, Strings, Voice.  Composition, Arrangement, Production, Sound Design, Performing

Based in Cornwall, UK

Masters Educated

Want to find out more about upcoming projects?

Lots of exciting projects coming up: Gigs, new music and an unprecedented multi-layered musical collaboration, creating an ever-expanding network of interlinked sounds based on chance…

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